Whether you’re a new, yet up-and-coming commercial real estate agent or a well-established professional with a thriving book of business, you can always benefit from continuing education. Sharpening your skills and staying on top of cutting edge tools and resources for your market are critical endeavors for maintaining success in all market conditions, but particularly helpful when times are tumultuous.

At Key Realty School, we are committed to offering continuing education courses for commercial real estate agents at every phase of their career. You can find a course entitled, “Introduction to Commercial Real Estate in Nevada,” designed for new agents or even those considering a career in this field, as well as a 24 Hour Commercial Combo Pack which is ideal for those renewing their license.

Courses are taught by Ron Mendicino, an approved mediator for the state of Nevada, who has 32 years of experience practicing commercial real estate, working the Las Vegas market. He was also the manager of a commercial office.

With well-developed commercial real estate courses covering topics that are pertinent to your career, taught by an experienced professional with firsthand experience in this market is critical to your ongoing success. Read more about our courses and take the next critical step toward greater earnings today.