As you begin your career in the Nevada real estate field, one of the most important aspects of success is building a solid network. Not only will you need to get out there and meet people who can provide referrals, you’ll also want to align yourself with others in the industry in order to help your clients enjoy a great home buying or selling experience. Happy clients are a great referral source!

Loan Originators: Mortgage brokers and bankers are the money holders, and therefore the key to the successful transaction. Ideally, you should develop a relationship with a handful of highly qualified loan officers that are great to work with and maintain a high level of professionalism. These are the people that can help your clients create a housing budget and they will often be at the closing table with you. You’ll also want to have ready access to these people around the clock—it’s a great scenario when you have clients that fall in love with a home and can contact your broker for initial information on command.

Appraisers and Other Inspectors: In some cases, an appraisal, building inspection, and other inspections may be required by the loan provider or by the clients. You want to have contacts in these areas to ensure your clients are treated fairly and the purchasing process runs smoothly.

Referral Sources: Your clients will turn to you for referral sources for many things, such as homeowners insurance, lawn care, house cleaning, handy man, and more. Have a list of trusted resources ready to provide; your clients will appreciate it! In turn, these are the same people that work closely in people’s homes all the time—they can give you a warm introduction to your next client!

Building a career in the real estate industry is all about connections—start making the right ones today!