How to Become a Licensed Broker for Nevada Online

real estate courses onlineWhether you have always had an interest in real estate or are just finding a budding interest for it now, residents of the state of Nevada have the option of choosing this career path through Key Realty, a licensing school for real estate brokers.

For those who are interested in this career path, it will require both discipline and motivation as you will need to be able to set and follow your own schedule and make sales. Luckily for those who are interested in getting a license can do so through the Nevada real estate license online option. Here is the specific breakdown of how the online option works:

  • You will receive the online video, audio and course content.
  • You will have access to online practice testing.
  • Online course does not include any physical testing material such as textbooks whereas the home study option does.
  • All materials will be given to you in digital format, so you need access to the internet for this.
  • You will need to do all testing online through the school’s website.
  • Once you have obtained the school certification of completion, you will then do state testing to meet the license requirements. State testing is NOT done through this course option.
  • You may access course materials through mobile devices such as tablets.
  • There are audio files available, with 2000 test questions and answers.
  • All video sessions are recorded.

There are two options available to the student in terms of packages for the Nevada real estate license online option. The first is a basic package that provides the student with the online course whereas the second option provides the online course and a test prep seminar that can be done through live instruction or through DVD.

In addition to this, the entire online course has guaranteed enrolment with no expiration date and is accessible through streaming video. Live classroom training is available and the test prep (if the second package is bought) is a one day class. Key Realty is partnered with over fifty brokers to provide job placement assistance.

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