network like a proReal estate professionals find success through referrals and growing their network. Many agents spend a large portion of their time meeting new people and creating relationships with referral sources. Whether you’re a new agent, having just taken your real estate licensing exam, or a more seasoned agent that wants to reinvigorate her business, here are a few tips to help you maximize your precious networking time:

Always be ready to network. Have business cards handy and have a semi-memorized “elevator speech” in case you happen to run into a potential prospect or referral source. This can happen anytime, anywhere!

Embrace subtlety. You’re not closing the deal while networking. You’re better served at these events or in these casual encounters by being a great listener or simply connecting.

Set goals and manage your time. Make a commitment to spend a certain amount of time networking each day or each week. Set a goal of attending a certain number of events or contacting a certain number of people.

Follow-up with those you meet. Have a routine in which you call people you’ve met in the last few days or send a note of thanks…something to make them feel great. You may even want to take notes on the back of business cards to jog your memory about something specific you discussed to further personalize your follow-up.

Share the wealth—the best reason to contact someone who may be a new lead or referral source is to give them a new prospect or opportunity first!