property managementIf you are looking at real estate as a career option, but don’t want to necessarily be a salesperson or someone who deals with the mortgage aspects, then property management might be for you. A property manager will be responsible for any action related to the rental of the property. This includes managing portfolios of properties, overseeing any maintenance of the properties, helping tenants move out and collecting rent or other unpaid expenses.

However, the biggest responsibility is monitoring the statistics of the properties that are under management and provide analytic analysis for them. The job itself is quite demanding and can be stressful at times, but it is a very rewarding one! However, in order to handle key property management in Las Vegas, you will need to be licensed by the state of Nevada.

 How to Obtain Nevada Licensing for Property Management?

The state of Nevada requires that you have a minimum of 24-hours of property management education in order to apply for a property management permit. In order to do this, you will need to take a property management course and then pass the permit test.

Any individual who is planning on or has contracted an agreement to provide property management duties will need this permit in addition to a real estate license. The course must be completed in a classroom setting and is done over a 3-day course.

 The Benefits Associated with Property Management?

Like many other fields within real estate, an individual in key property management in Las Vegas will earn a very competitive salary. What makes this a great career for someone who is well organized is that the salary will be dependent on your experience and how many properties are currently in your portfolio?

This means that as you grow and obtain more experience within the field, the opportunities for earning more will present themselves. In addition to this, if you enjoy dealing with people on a day-to-day basis, have great communication skills and are a social person, then you will actually enjoy doing the job.