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What Successful Future Agents Do While in Training

You know that your personality is well suited to a career in real estate. You have a deep desire to experience success as an agent. The only thing left is to take the first step towards obtaining your license to practice. That first step is to sign up for classes with our real estate school […]

Working with First Time Home Buyers

At some point every real estate agent will have the pleasure of working with first time home buyers. This is an exciting opportunity for you to really guide your buyers through the process. First time home buyers are very enthusiastic and pose a great benefit to your business—if they have a great experience, they will […]

Networking Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals find success through referrals and growing their network. Many agents spend a large portion of their time meeting new people and creating relationships with referral sources. Whether you’re a new agent, having just taken your real estate licensing exam, or a more seasoned agent that wants to reinvigorate her business, here are […]

What Makes a Great Appraiser?

Becoming an appraiser is a great career move for many individuals, particularly those that have a natural interest in real estate, love to meet new people, and get excited about helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership. Becoming an appraiser is a livelihood you’ll feel great about! At Key Realty School, we offer licensing courses […]

Become a Mortgage Lender in Nevada

While the National Mortgage Licensing System requires a minimum education and testing standard for a mortgage lending license, you may be best served by taking the required 30-hour pre-licensing course with an institution that will help you take full advantage of the time and set yourself up for success in the field. That’s what we […]

Personality Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent

So, you’re thinking about a career as a real estate agent in Nevada…what a great choice! There are quite a few benefits to this career choice, such as flexibility and limitless earning potential, but it can be challenging to carve out your niche and find your place in the market. There are a number of […]

Continuing Education for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re a new, yet up-and-coming commercial real estate agent or a well-established professional with a thriving book of business, you can always benefit from continuing education. Sharpening your skills and staying on top of cutting edge tools and resources for your market are critical endeavors for maintaining success in all market conditions, but particularly […]

Developing a Professional Network

As you begin your career in the Nevada real estate field, one of the most important aspects of success is building a solid network. Not only will you need to get out there and meet people who can provide referrals, you’ll also want to align yourself with others in the industry in order to help […]

Tips for the Exam: Taking Real Estate License Courses & More

Congratulations on your decision to become a real estate agent in the great state of Nevada! This can be an exciting career move that will allow you some flexibility over your schedule and income, the opportunity to see gorgeous homes, and the capacity to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership. It is very […]

Successful Staging for New Nevada Real Estate Agents

So, you’ve decided to become a real estate agent! One of the best perks of working in Las Vegas, or really anywhere in Nevada, is seeing all the unique and gorgeous homes—those you’re selling and those you’re helping your clients find. Staging is an important aspect of making these homes attractive, so here are a […]


Harcourts has a unique relationship with Key Realty School wherein Harcourts students are afforded discounted tuition for the Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing course. The course recommended is the pre licensing home study course as it will complement Harcourts licensing guidance. Additional guidance relative to the Harcourts suggested licensing process should be directed to Harcourts […]